Going beyond Slack

Sign-in and use Workstreams.ai with Google or even as an anonymous user.

4 min readNov 15, 2019


Workstreams.ai is designed to empower modern teams to effectively collaborate, communicate, set priorities, and get things done. We strive to boost productivity within a team setting. Communication is the heart and soul of any high-functioning team, and Workstreams.ai is the best way to streamline your joint efforts to transform your ideas into concrete actions that produce powerful results.

Communication at the heart of task management

That is why, up until now, Workstreams.ai could only be used with a Slack workspace. Slack is where teams that value transparency and efficiency live and thrive, so it felt like the right environment for us to develop Workstreams.ai and for its core features and functions to take root. It is very important to us that Workstreams.ai is recognized as a collaborative, results-driven task management solution.

That being said, we fully realize that every journey begins with someone taking that critical first step. Every installation starts their adventure with a single team member on a voyage to find that perfect task management solution. That is how they add Workstreams.ai to their workspace. Then comes the gradual adoption of our app by other colleagues. Everyone can be the change-maker, the one that brings innovation to their teams and organization.

While witnessing this process, we have discovered that in some cases, the installer is merely searching for a smart solution for themselves, in order to make their own daily work life easier. They first use Workstreams.ai to manage personal tasks, before introducing it to their team. There are no right or wrong approaches for adopting Workstreams.ai, and users tend to find their own ways of uniquely using it. Even so, the need for a Slack workspace in order to try out can be a hurdle for people that are not familiar with Slack yet.

Today we are announcing an easier way to get started for those who don’t have a Slack workspace or have never heard of it.

Sign in with Google or be a pirate!

Starting today, everyone will be able to jump aboard the Workstreams.ai train, simply by using their Google account. As simple as it gets. Just choose anonymous mode and get tasking as a pirate in under a minute.

Before rushing in, there are a few important things worth noting about signing up for Workstreams.ai without a Slack account. First off, you get the full power and functionality of our web application. The flexible taskboards are also at the ready, as are all the nifty features that our web app offers, such as smart labeling, Goals, file attachment support, etc. The onboarding experience, although slightly different, is specially crafted to help you discover the app and all of its features at your own pace, whenever you need a hint.

When starting out as a single user, however, that ever-so-valuable communication aspect of great task management that occurs when logged-in with Slack, is not initially present. We believe that communication is crucial for successful teamwork. Once you bring your team on board, however, you will enjoy the collaborative task management experience that Workstreams.ai is known for. We strongly suggest creating a Slack workspace once you decide to bring in your teammates. It's all about transparency and empowering people.

Pirate mode

With the option to sign-in using Google, we are opening up our data-driven task management solutions to a broader audience. But what happens with those potential users who would just like to try out our solution immediately? With no signups whatsoever?

This is where our pirate mode comes in!

With a click of a button, we assign you a random pirate name (that’s right, you get to be a pirate), and you land right in the taskboard, ready to begin tasking. This mode is geared towards those who are on the hunt for the perfect task management solution and would like a no-barrier solution to instantly try Workstreams.ai. When you log-in as a pirate, you get full access to the entire feature set we offer. The only thing required in order to keep using it is to stay on the same device where your pirate voyage first began. And keep using it on a weekly basis 😉. You can always decide to log-in and merge with your social media account.

With this feature, we are opening Workstreams.ai to teams and individuals who value their privacy, are bored of providing emails and just want a stellar task management solution.

To make task management even more convenient and seamless, we've launched our Android app. Grab it now on the Google Play store, and take your tasks on the go!

We strongly believe our product encapsulates everything a modern approach to task management should have. Try it out for yourself now 🚀.




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