Hey Google, Talk to Workstreams!

Introducing Workstreams Voice

Workstreams.ai is designed to enable individuals and teams to focus on their priorities, collaborate and get things done. Our Slack application and web taskboard are unlocking the productivity of teams across industries and are loved by thousands across the world. We empower teams to sharpen their ideas, turn them into actionable tasks, execute them and gain valuable data and knowledge. It’s great!

But what happens when you are on your daily commute, enjoying a book, relaxing with your loved ones and still want to plan a task, write down some ideas or just get an overview of work that awaits you? This is where Workstreams Voice comes in.

What is Workstreams Voice?

The latest addition to our productivity family is Workstreams Voice, a voice-enabled, results-driven task management assistant you can take anywhere. It is available globally for any devices supporting the Google Assistant. You can use it on your iPhone, your Android smartphones, your Google Home devices as well as with Android Auto in your car.

Workstreams Voice is currently available in English, with German and Japanese coming soon.

Voice is the future

We are in the middle of the voice revolution. Giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple are all further improving their voice assistant offerings and adding functionality. There are already over a billion devices that have the Google Assistant. A billion! Usage of voice assistants and applications is growing at a staggering pace. The opportunity to provide a seamless, smart and charming task management voice assistant was one that we were super excited about.

We are launching Workstreams Voice for the Google Assistant, due to the sheer number of engaged users, the supportive dev community and the chance to provide a meaningful solution to task management to millions.

Why develop a voice-enabled task management assistant?

Imagine you are the office manager of a hip startup in the midst of organizing an office party. Or you are a super serious VP of production at some automotive company. Or you are gifting your special someone that surfing trip you’ve been talking about. All of these individuals have something in common; they need to get organized!

Yet access to a keyboard, be it physical or a virtual one is not always there. How great would it be if these people can just talk to their devices and get stuff done! This is our main motivation behind the development and release of Workstreams Voice. We think you should stay organized and on top of everything that matters in your life anywhere and at any time.

While developing Workstreams Voice, a solution that users are meant to use with their voice and hear it speak, we learned a bunch. We learned that the responses need to be short, concise and to the point. This comes from the lack of a screen, a visual representation of what it is saying. We didn’t want the users to wait for extended periods of time and lose the context. This is why Workstreams Voice responds in quirky short sentences, gives clear answers and responds in a jiffy!

Moreover, when giving available commands or listing your current tasks we have narrowed the choice to the first three as we didn’t want you to have to go back or forget what the choices were. Precision is key in voice interfaces and we developed Workstreams Voice to be as concise as possible. We’ll continue to train and improve it, so it can be more delightful, we promise!

Using Workstreams Voice

Using it is super easy with natural voice commands, intuitive responses, and fast results. Getting started is a breeze. There is no setup, no pesky signups, no time wasted. We stay true to our “No Overhead” motto. Workstreams Voice is right there in your Google Assistant equipped device. You launch it by saying Hey Google, Talk to Workstreams”.

After launching Workstreams Voice, there are a plethora of natural language commands you can issue, different ways to interact with it and get things done. We highlight some of the more prominent features here:

  • Start the tutorial — Starts our Workstreams Voice tutorial. The tutorial guides you through the core features of our task management assistant. Use it anytime you need to refresh your knowledge
  • Create a new task — Our main feature. Once you wake Workstreams Voice just say “create a task” to start planning. The assistant intuitively guides you through creating a new task, editing it and adding a due date.
  • Give me a summary — Make sure you are on top of things by asking Workstreams Voice go give you a summary of your tasks. Then act on them by telling Workstreams Voice to move them to completed, edit them or create a new task.
  • What are my tasks — Workstreams Voice can give you a round up of your tasks that you have planned or you are currently working on. Just say “What’s my current work”.
  • Set a due date — Give any task a due date with your voice. Just say “set a due date for next week on Thursday” and Workstreams Voice does the rest. Magical!
  • Help! — When you feel you are stuck just shout “Help” and Workstreams Voice will give you a quick and helpful summary of what you can do next.
  • Repeat — Anytime you wish to hear the last response again, just say “Repeat”. Workstreams voice will patiently repeat what it said.
  • Feedback — We are still learning and are eager to improve! Just say “Feedback” to give us your thoughts, suggestion, and helpful criticism. We promise to take it into consideration ;)

What’s next for Workstreams Voice

We are just starting and couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities! Workstreams Voice is on the bleeding edge of voice-enabled task management and we are determined to push it further.

The next challenge we are aiming to bring Workstreams Voice to your team, so you can assign task across your organization and department. We want you to be able to get summaries on what you and your team are focusing on, what’s next and what has been achieved.

We are also looking to bring Workstreams Voice to other platforms and languages.

Lots to work on, so “Hey Google, Talk to Workstreams”!
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Interested in helping us with testing the latest iterations of Workstreams Voice? Join our exclusive BETA testing programme now!

By the way, we are always on the lookout for daring people. If you want to work in Berlin, with an amazing team filled with emphatic and talented people from across the world, join us, we are hiring!

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