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See your tasks on your calendar

3 min readOct 27, 2020


Workstreams.ai doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our solution runs alongside communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams to provide a seamless, delightful experience between your discussions and your taskboard. On top of that, our Trello integration lets you bring any Trello project over to your Workstreams.ai taskboards in a pinch.

Connecting with your calendar is the next obvious step for us. Our PRO customers enjoy the use of due dates on their tasks and subtasks. It is only natural that they’d like to see them on their own calendars — which is why we’ve enabled just that.

People have been jotting down their appointments, to-dos, and tasks on web-based calendars for quite some time now! Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook calendar are the two most popular and most effective calendars out there (it’s tough to find someone who doesn’t have at least one of these). We thought it essential to get cracking on integrating with both!

The challenge for us was to find the use case that fits our existing clientele and our target audience at large. What kind of calendar integration can we offer that would not only mirror your tasks on a weekly or monthly spread, but also actively remind you of what the tasks are about, and what’s needed for successful completion?

We decided to start in the most obvious of places. Our My Tasks view is one of the most frequently used sections of our application. People find it extremely helpful to see all the tasks that they are assigned to in one place. For us, this was the ideal place to kick off our user’s calendaring adventure. The tasks you most want to see on your calendar are the tasks that are assigned to you.

Then there is the integration process, which is refreshingly simple. After requesting the integration from your My Tasks view, you are given the opportunity to choose your preferred calendar solution. Click the type of calendar you’re most likely to look at, and that is it! We take care of the rest by creating a brand new Workstreams.ai calendar filled with all your tasks and todos across your private and public taskboards for easy viewing.

We hope you give the calendar integration a spin. It’s the type of feature we love working on the most; one that adds value for our customers while sticking to simple, efficient, and scalable formats. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line with any feedback you might have. You can reach us the old fashioned way on feedback@workstreams.ai, or you can join our community on Slack!