World Tourism Day 2019 is Hacking Day

A retrospective of our Voice & Travel Hackathon 2019 in Berlin!

World Tourism Day is typically all about flying off to exotic locations. At, however, we decided to celebrate World Tourism Day a little differently this year.

A Look Around the World

Overview of all 85 cities 🌍🌎🌏

Our Aspirations

So what are we getting out of all this? It wasn’t money, as the event was free to anyone interested, and it wasn’t prizes, as our company already has ample travel opportunities and some very nice Google Home devices :)

Hack Structure

Broadly speaking, the topic of our hackathon included any travel-related topic that involved the usage of the voice development framework Dialogflow and Actions on Google. Our local teams came up with ideas ranging from a voice-enabled restaurant picker, which locates the right restaurants for you at your travel destination, to a real-time local news service to help you be informed about what’s going on in the area you’re traveling in.

Hackathon schedule

Here’s how it all panned out over two very exciting days

DAY ONE: Introductions and Ideas

On the first day, we opened our doors at the office at 7 pm for the kick-off and introductory sessions about voice applications and the Google Assistant ecosystem.

Event Kick off with co-founder and CEO Roman Roznovsky 🎬
Our speaker line up during the hackathon 👨‍🏫

DAY TWO: Hands-on Hacking

The second day was all about getting our hands dirty and implementing our ideas. We started early in the morning with a workshop about Dialogflow held by Wolfram Rittmeyer, Google Developer Expert for Google Assistant and Android. After that, things really took off for our travel concepts — pun intended.

Workshop time 🛠with GDE Wolfram Rittmeyer

The Outcome

🍔Food + 💻Tech = 👨‍💻👩‍💻Hackathon time
Our winners with the jury 🏆

The Thank Yous

As this article is also intended for our local participants, we want to first say, thank you so much for taking part! The event was unforgettable for us.

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