See your tasks on your calendar doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our solution runs alongside communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams to provide a seamless, delightful experience between your discussions and your taskboard. On top of that, our Trello integration lets you bring any Trello project over to your taskboards in a pinch.

Connecting with your calendar is the next obvious step for us. Our PRO customers enjoy the use of due dates on their tasks and subtasks. It is only natural that they’d like to see them on their own calendars — which is why we’ve enabled just that.

People have been…

Add due dates and assign your teammates to subtasks

The format of an individual task is the backbone of Kanban-style task management and the entire experience. It’s the essential building block for all your taskboards, workflows, and Goals. It is also the first step in successfully executing your ideas and hitting key milestones on your projects. It’s everything!

What's in a task?

Knowing that we’ve done our utmost to refine the experience into something that gives our customers the right level of flexibility and granularity needed for all sorts of tasks. Your tasks can be precise, title-only snippets or they can be thoroughly filled with detailed descriptions, labels, attachments, and…

Modernizing the app with Slack’s latest features

“You have to put in the time, but more important the judgment. The direction you’re heading in matters more than how fast you drive.”

— Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList

Between March 2nd and March 9th, participated in the first official Slack App Virtual Hackathon. Our goal was to update our existing Slack app using modals and the home tab. These Block Kit surfaces improve app user productivity and decision-making. Here’s how we did it.

The motive

Let’s start with who we are and why developing fresh features for Slack is so important to us. Our application merges agile kanban boards…

Why we united our marketing and UX teams around common goals

“Does that task fall under marketing or UX?” used to be a common question asked in our office. Soon, however, choosing between either marketers or UX designers to take charge of responsibilities that we could see heavily impacted the work of both seemed pointless, even problematic. In response, our team started to use the phrase “Marketing User Experience,” or MUX to talk about areas where both marketers and UX designers agreed that close collaboration produced the best possible results. This also took the form of a collaborative MUX channel in our company’s Slack workspace.

For us, it also has an…

Evaluating our impact

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.

-Mark Twain

Last year, we published the four key design pillars that we ask ourselves to contemplate while we prototype, create and test features for our application — also known as the USER approach.

A year later, our product is still benefiting from the scenarios and solutions that USER has prompted us to consider, but we also saw a need to expand on it. …

Taking task management to the far north and beyond

Our mission here at is to enable individuals and teams to focus on their priorities, collaborate and get things done. We aspire to be the definitive destination for collaborative task management on communication platforms. Our goal is to connect silos within startups and corporations alike, remove overhead, increase transparency and unlock the potential of modern teams everywhere to dare mighty things.

We’ve made getting feedback from our users the driving force in our entrepreneurial process. That is why it was essential for us to be present at Slush, Europe’s largest and coolest entrepreneurship festival, in Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮.

What is Slush?

Sign-in and use with Google or even as an anonymous user. is designed to empower modern teams to effectively collaborate, communicate, set priorities, and get things done. We strive to boost productivity within a team setting. Communication is the heart and soul of any high-functioning team, and is the best way to streamline your joint efforts to transform your ideas into concrete actions that produce powerful results.

Communication at the heart of task management

That is why, up until now, could only be used with a Slack workspace. Slack is where teams that value transparency and efficiency live and thrive, so it felt like the right environment for us to develop and for its…

A retrospective of our Voice & Travel Hackathon 2019 in Berlin!

World Tourism Day is typically all about flying off to exotic locations. At, however, we decided to celebrate World Tourism Day a little differently this year.

To take the world of travel and tourism to places it’s never been before, we became part of a worldwide tech event designed to radically improve the way we all fly, travel and participate in the often hectic world of international transit. To that end, on the 27th and 28th of September, the first-ever community-driven Global Voice & Travel Hackathon took place in a whopping 85 different cities across the globe during World…

Enable your development teams to move at the speed of light

There is nothing more important in tech than having the right tool, in the right place, at the right time — especially when you’re working on an agile team. Agile, at its core, is about having the means to hit your targets quickly, while remaining flexible enough to accommodate an array of changing requirements as they come. It is because of our company’s need to maintain these agile abilities that we choose to work with AWS. By doing so, we managed to reduce the cost of our operations significantly.

In this piece, we will explain the AWS services that we…

Hacking the voice revolution with Google and

In this post, we’ll highlight the startup’s work while building voice interfaces, as well as the recent Hackathon experience with the Google Developer Group Brno and in the Czech Republic.

Hackathon: an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. The word is composed of ‘hack’ and ‘marathon’.

We at are currently developing a task management tool that meets you where you already work by being rooted in your communication channels — the best example being the bot’s presence in the application Slack. You can create and…

Results-driven task manager / Agile Kanban board

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